Hi! I’m Serena, a bullet journalist, graphic designer and illustrator. I live in Italy and since I was a child I’ve always spent my free time with pencils, inks and digital art. When I see a blank space on a paper I can’t help being tempted to draw a sketch on it. I love everything about stationery and art supplies and although my main job consists in digital creations, I prefer the touch of a pen and the sound of the paper.

In order to be more productive at work and be able to reach personal goals, I’ve used so many planners and systems, but when I descovered the Bullet Journal® by Ryder Carroll in 2015, I found the most useful system that now allows me to plan my activities, document my life and express my creativity.

I think that life is a beautiful story full of experiences and adventures. Everyone should remember every step of his own life. For this reason I decided to combine my Bullet Journal with drawings which represent some moments of my life. When I flip through the pages of my Bullet Journal, I walk through my memory and it’s an amazing experience!


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