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My Comic Bullet Journal: How drawings can change your life


When I started my BuJo I used to draw doodles just to decorate it and get my notebook cuter, but now, the reason behind my drawings is a bit different.


I’ve used different ways to Bullet Journal, even very minimalist daily logs, but last month, while I was flipping through my Bullet Journal, I noticed that the only pages which gave me more than just information about what I did, were those that I’ve illustrated. I could really remember what happened and how I felt those days. So, I realized that illustrations could have a special power: I could keep track of my daily moods and my life adventures. From that moment, I decided to combine my Bullet Journal with comic-style drawings which represent some of my daily events.

We usually live our life staying focused on the everyday tasks and sometimes we forget how we became the person we are. Keeping a track of daily events can remind us all the beautiful adventures and the precious moments that happen in our life. We could learn how to be grateful for big things or little things as well.

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it or learn from it.”
The Lion King

This quote explains what I think. Even if something bad happens, we shouldn’t forget it. We really could learn from the past, if we make mistakes, if we are sad, if we are worried or afraid of something. Every time we flip through our pages, we could be surprised to see how strong we have been in that situations, and if we realize that we’re wrong, we can have a chance to improve ourselves. We can see how our life has changed, or if not, we can make decisions for the future.


But, why do I use drawings instead of writing? You will probably answer “Because you can draw!”. It’s not a lie, but not the correct answer either. I’ve started because I love drawing, but I think  everyone could create an illustrated journal (or bullet journal), as the important thing is to express our emotions.
Visual communication speaks an universal language that our heart understands perfectly. No matter how good at drawing we are. Drawings are a composition of lines: we just have to learn how to put the correct ones in order to communicate the right message.

So, if you’re interested in starting an illustrated journal, I’m working on a system based on step by step videos with the aid of some free printable guides available here in my blog. This system will help you to create your own doodles for your journals,  in order to turn your notebooks in a powerful tool that will change your life.

6 thoughts on “My Comic Bullet Journal: How drawings can change your life

  1. Your post is so inspiring. I do want to grab my bujo and pens to actually draw something. What struck me is that I want to draw beautiful stuff, but I don’t know a lot about drawing, so if I don’t want to mess my bujo, I have to spend a lot of time on very tiny drawings. I really like your artwork, so I hope you’ll do some helpful tutorials on drawing. Thanks!

    1. Thank you!! I’m doing my best to prove that everyone can make cute and easy doodles on BuJo or other journals 💕 you just need to make practice 😄 💪

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you! You can sign up for the newsletter to let me send you some email with all the news! 💕

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